Body language and self-confidence

The body language that you display tells people as much as the words you speak

This P3 Business CPD module looks at the importance of body and self confidence in professional life and shares tips that can help us to stay calm in the face of challenging situaitons.

Goal and objectives:

To learn how to use what we know about body language to improve the outcomes of our communication.

After reading this module, you will:

  1. Understand the subtle responses that we may show that can undermine our communication 
  2. Recognise that positive body language can be practised and adopted
  3. Have used the technique of anchoring to improve confidence.

Author: Liam Stapleton, BSc Pharm (Hons), PG Dip Public Health, Health Promotion, independent consultant 

About this module

Pharmacy needs strong managers, effective leaders and people with the right skills to drive the profession forward. With this in mind, P3 Business CPD modules are written as practical learning tools for use by anyone in the pharmacy team.

Record your learning and how you applied it in your practice using the action and evaluation record at the end of this module, which will then be stored in your personal learning log.

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